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ORAL INTERVIEWS: Examples of speaking exams, levels from A2 to C1, video.




Key English Test (KET): A2

Examiner's Comments:

Interesante para inspirarte en ideas para debatir o para las redacciones:BBC

This audio provides some useful advice for the oral exam: http://tts.imtranslator.net/9uZ5

The exam lasts about 10 minutes.
Please consider the following points:

First of all:
Each of you may be asked basic questions about your home town, family, work or study, hobbies, leisure and future plans.

About the topics:
You will be asked to discuss these or explain what you think about it. Sometimes you will be asked to agree on a conclusion, and sometimes you will be told to give your opinions about something.

A possible discussion
You may be asked to discuss together with the examiner, some ideas that are connected with the task.

Some general advice about the exam:

Keep it simple
Try to avoid complicated explanations or grammar if you are not sure about them. If the truthful answer is difficult to explain, you may want to say something easier in the exam.
Ask for explanations
If you don't understand what you are meant to do, ask the examiner to explain. For example, you could say:
Could you repeat the question, please?
I'm sorry, could you explain the meaning of the word .... ?
Could you please ask the question in another way?
Useful sentences
Avoid answers which are single words or lists
Finish the task
When you are asked to compare or contrast the pros and cons about a topic and to give your personal feelings about them, make sure that you leave some time for explaining your own views.
Keep speaking
If you need time to think about something, try to keep speaking rather than remain silent.You could say things such as:
[during the interview; say to the interviewer] Please give me a moment while I think about the answer

To avoid wasting time, make it clear when you have finished talking. For example, say something like:
That's all I can think of at the moment
Before the exam, practice recording yourself talking about you and your life. It is interesting that you know how you sound in English.

Os dejo este power point que preparé para una de mis clases. Os puede ser útil para presentaciones de trabajo o congresos.

This also helps for your job interviews

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