Unit 10
  1. Did you pass the exam you took last month?
  2. Do you think you will pass your exam?. I don’t know yet, I’ll tell you in two weeks time.
  3. Have you heard Tina’s news?. She’s having a baby.
  4. We’re thinking of playing tennis tomorrow but it depends on the weather.
  5. Although we don’t get much rain in summer it may/might rain tomorrow.
  6. Could you look after our dog for a few days while we are away? You’d just have to walk him out twice a day.
  7. I really looked up to my father when I was a child.
  8. I don’t think Sunita’s parents brought her up very well. She behaves very badly. She is a spoilt child.
  9. I feel our wiki will appeal to distance learners. It’ll keep them in touch with what is going on in class.
  10. It’s amazing how much we spend on dog food each week.