Unit 7
1. You should sleep on a hard mattress in order to keep your back straight during the night.
2. Be careful when you lift boxes so that you don’t hurt your back.
3. Have you finished writing your composition?. I’m thinking of doing it later.
4. I usually avoid getting up late because I enjoy / like making the most of the day.
5. If we leave at 9, we’ll be late, so we’ll have to leave earlier.
6. If I finish this soon I might go and see Tony.
7. I can’t afford to buy a new car so I’ll have to manage with the one I have.
8. I’ve decided to make the most of the holidays to study English because I have the exams in two weeks.
9. If you eat junk food, You’ll normally put on weight.
10. He promised not to tell anyone. You can always trust him. He’s very reliable.
Unit 8
1. The letters are delivered in the morning.
2. Have you ever seen the postman in the evenings?
3. What time are you meeting your friends?
4. How long have you been living/have you lived in Santander?
5. When are you going to start studying for your exams?
6. What sort of things did you use to like doing as a child?
7. I had the flu for three days so I couldn’t go to work, and now I’m getting better.
8. How many times did you repeat the exercise? I don’t remember, but at least twice.
9. Why do you put up with that situation?
10. Where were you yesterday night?. I was phoning you and you weren’t at home, that got on my nerves.

Unit 9
1. When will you be able to come back again?
2. How much can you afford to spend?
3. I’m going to apply for the position of Head of Department.
4. How many fights have they cancelled because of the weather? And how many fights did they cancel last week?
5. In five years time you’ll be able to speak fluently.
6. If you want to see the doctor you’ll have to make an appointment.
7. Meeting targets is very satisfying.
8. When did you get promoted?
9. The cars were worth more than 400,000.
10. How many years was he sentenced? He was given a long jail sentence.