1. Jane could visit Switzerland next year.
2. I may take Spanish lessons.
3. They must be home by now.
4. James can’t be eighteen yet!
5. The weather might be sunny tomorrow.
6. Mrs Smith can’t have left home.
7. She might have gone to stay with her mother.
8. Mr Smith may have committed a crime.
9. He must have buried something in the garden.
10. He could have won the lottery.
11. He must have bought a new car.
12. Mr Smith might have murdered his wife.
13. She must be at home.
14. I know that it can’t be Jane-She's in America.
15. She thinks I must be stupid.
16. I must look silly in this coat.
17. They're always buying new cars. They must have a lot of money.
18. He can’t be a teacher. He's too well dressed.
19. You're an architect? It must be an interesting job.
20. I'm sure you're not serious. You must be joking.
21. He must have another woman. He keeps coming home late.
22. This water could be dangerous.
23. Politics can be really boring.